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Snow in Amsterdam is a rare but unforgettable event! Winter is always associated with Christmas holidays and cozy fireplaces, lots of snow and fatty, heartwarming food. When it comes to traveling in the winter, European cities are not always something that comes in or mind first, but we might be wrong! Sprinkle little snow over the city and that grey, the wet city becomes a fairytale. Amsterdam definitely has the no.1 place when talking about fairytale city under the snow. Amsterdam in the winter is usually wet, and cold, and annoying but when the snow comes whole city changes. The canals, the smoke from the little houses’ chimneys and the magical light makes you fall in love in this city.

Usually, we have snow just a few days in the year, and it melts fast, so make sure to plan properly your trip and check the weather forecast if you want to see Amsterdam under the snow.

Oh, and did I said that Amsterdam canals can freeze around this time as well? Thank you have the real deal, as you can top up the fairytale experience with some ice skating on the canals! One of a kind experience.



When we are very, very lucky the canals in Amsterdam freeze and then we all go and skate on the canals! The experience is one of kind and definitely unforgettable:


Where to take photos around Amsterdam?

When visiting Amsterdam and you have enough luck to snow that day, you definitely want to capture this moment.

Here are few of my favorite spots:

  1. The Jordaan Neighborhood - for its fairytale look and magical canals. how to get there: It's just 10 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station

  2. Museum Square - this is definitely a very popular place, not just for taking photos but also for its world-famous museums. how to get there: Take Tram 2 or Tram 12 from Amsterdam Central Station

  3. Amsterdam Bos - if you have more days, I recommend you to take a walk around the Amsterdam Forest! You won't get disappointed. how to get there: Take Metro 51 or Tram 24 from Amsterdam Central Station. You can use this map for future planning.

  4. Cafe Blue - This is one of my favorite spots for taking photos of Amsterdam! The Cafe is on the 3rd floor of a shopping mall and it's a well-kept secret among the locals, so definitely worth the visit. how to get there: It's just 15 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station when walking on Kalvestraat towards Rembrandtplein.

  5. De Pijp - The cute houses and small streets around this neighborhood is really photogenic! Also, you don't want to miss the most popular brunch places around Amsterdam, located in this area: The Avocado Show, Bakers and Roasters and my favorite The Little Collins! how to get there: Take Metro 52 from Amsterdam Central Station


Please feel free to send me an email if you need some more info regarding photo shooting locations around Amsterdam!


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